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Pioneer asset management with the best BIM Centric approach

logo rred  The first BIM platform dedicated to sales and asset management

Digitalised models at the heart of your digital strategies with logo rred

logo rred  puts the real estate professionals at the center of the process by providing BIM collaborative platform. All of the stakeholders of real estate transactions are connected to the digital model.

From property managers to residents, through to real estate consultants and administrators, everyone involved can interact with the model of the building according to his profile, ensuring up-to-date, centralised and shared information.
The management of information becomes unified creating a virtuous circle among all stakeholders.

Our innovative, ergonomic and intuitive digital solutions are accessible to all industry professionals at every stage of the sales, leasing and management process.

rred Packs: Links to a complete digital chain

logo rred PRESENTER

Present your Real Estate projects or assets on BIM.
Show your buildings digital identity and use real tools as sales support.

logo rred OFFERS

Real Estate consulting deviating from conventional property advertising.
Enter a new era by transposing your offers towards a BIM Centric approach.

logo rred BOX

Facilitate the arrival of new occupants.
Simplifies exchanges with the tenants during the entire duration of the lease.

logo rred PLANNER

Simulate interior design work from the digital model.
Evolve at the same time as the building progresses.

logo rred PORTFOLIO

Leasing status updated with complete vision.
Share up-to-date information with Real Estate consulting and be alerted of ongoing actions on all assets.

logo rred DATA-ROOM

Consolidate all data related to the life of a building into a digital model.
Select data with precision to present to potential buyers.

logo rred PROJECT

Make a difference when you answer bids.
Simplify the understanding of your projects to guarantee success.

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